Macomb County Michigan Newborn Photographer | Ellis

I am dying over these photos from my newest niece's newborn session! ๐Ÿ˜ Ellis is baby #3 for Geoff and Randy, and I can't get over how beautiful she is! I'm always completely in awe of Randy as well, because their babies are such chunkamunks! George was over 9lbs when he was born, Ruby was ELEVEN pounds even, and Ellis was over 10lbs; none of them were delivered via cesarean. She is my hero!

Geoff and Randy pour so much guidance and love into their babies; they are so intentional about the way they raise their little ones, and I (and many others) am always so blessed by how sweet and well mannered they are.

Check out Ellis' newborn session highlights, including my absolute favorite newborn/mama photo I've taken to date :)

George and Ruby are so sweet!

Ellis made the sweetest grunts and groans throughout her whole session, especially when I had her wrapped up snug for the photo below :) I wish I could include a sound byte of it here!

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Macomb County Michigan Newborn Photographer | Maryn

Ohhhh, sweet Maryn. Her story is so special to me, and to so many others as well. Her parents, Aaron and Jill, are good friends of mine from church; just before we met them they had been going through a few years of waiting and praying for a baby, and in the midst of that they suffered the loss of two of their precious littles. One of them, Eli, was born prematurely and was with them for a few weeks before going to be with Jesus.

Soon after we met them, we along with the rest of our church family were able to share in the joy of the birth of their first healthy, full term, beautiful baby boy, Abram. He has brought so much joy to Aaron and Jill and everyone he meets, and they were so happy with the blessing of having a son.

Last summer, Jill mentioned to me in passing that she wished she could have another baby so I could do his/her newborn photos. :D Lo and behold, a few months later we were all ecstatic to find out that they were expecting another baby! I am so honored that Aaron and Jill asked me to photograph this incredibly special time in their lives, and I loved getting to snuggle sweet Maryn for a few hours! So without further ado, check out the highlights from her session :)

Rainbow Baby: A baby who is born following a miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss. The beauty of the rainbow does not mean the storm never happened, but that something beautiful and full of light has emerged from the darkness.

I included lots of natural posing for Maryn's session, because she did not want to unclench her fists! :) These ended up being some of my favorites from her session!

I was so happy to include some photos with this white blanket that was made especially for Eli when he was born. <3

As a two year old boy, Abram naturally wanted to have nothing to do with his new baby sister during family photos, even with lots of chocolate bribery ๐Ÿ˜‚ I love that Maryn is smiling at him in this photo though, and I'm thankful that Aaron and Jill were flexible and went with the flow!

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