Macomb County Michigan Newborn Photographer | Esther

I'm so incredibly proud of the images from this session with sweet Esther and her family. This was my first session using a new lighting setup for newborn parent and family shots, and I've been hooked ever since!

Esther is such a beautiful baby (like her big sister Hannah!) and I absolutely loved photographing her and her family!

Esther and her sister Hannah are both miracle babies, here after a long season of waiting for Zoran and Katie. They requested this photo with the scripture "I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him" from I Samuel 1:27 in both of their girls' newborn sessions. <3 I love their testimony, and I'm so happy to see how greatly God has blessed them!

That look :D

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Macomb County Michigan Newborn Photographer | Elijah

Elijah is the third baby of my sister and brother-in-law, and I've been so blessed by their babies' amazing ability to sleeeeep their sessions away! I'm a firm believer that new babies sense emotions, and have a similar temperament than their parents: if parents are stressed, baby will most likely be restless; if parents are calm, baby will most likely sleep the day away, or be very content. Joe and Autumn are always cool as cucumbers as parents, and it reflects so well in their babies!

It's so incredibly rewarding being able to see progress and improvement in my work as an artist. In 2016 and again early this year I invested quite a bit into additional education to further my skills in newborn photography. I'm so glad I did and continue to do so because along with my confidence, my technique and abilities have improved vastly over the past year, especially as I hit my stride in the past six months starting with Elijah's newborn session. Each session keeps getting better and better, and I've fallen even more in love with newborn photography!

Incorporating more natural posing in my newborn sessions has been one of my favorite things recently; I love seeing how these sweet babies move and adjust on their own. These are the poses that will be most memorable to new parents as they look back on their baby's newborn photos and remember the sweet way they positioned their arms and hands while sleeping.

Elijah is the first newborn I was able to photograph outside! It seems every time I tried previously it was raining or too chilly out, but the conditions were perfect on his session day and I didn't let the opportunity pass!

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