Alphonse Photography History and 2016 Name Change

I am so thrilled to announce that in January 2016 I will officially be changing my business name from Alphonse Photography to Rachel Walters Photography!

My studio location and passion for my work will not be changing, and I am thrilled that through the changes to come, I will be able to create an even more personalized experience for my current and future clients. Read on to find out the full history of Alphonse Photography, and why I've decided to change the name.

The story of my business has only been made possible by and begins with my dad, Terry Alphonse. He has been photographing people and events since he was a kid, and took classes to learn how to use his first professional film camera to document the birth of my oldest sister. He has always been passionate about photographing the life of my siblings and me growing up, and has been sure to capture important life events for anyone and everyone he's known for as long as I can remember. In 2008, he finally decided to turn his passion into a business on the side of his full-time career. Shortly before that time, I was in my first year of college and completely unsure of what I wanted to do with my future. I was helping my sister search for her wedding photographer, and it clicked for me that photography was what I wanted to pursue. By August of 2008, I was starting classes for my degrees in Photography and Digital Layout & Design, and my dad had nearly finished work on an incredible photography studio for us in his basement. It even has a completely separate outdoor public access to its own driveway and parking lot for clients!

Throughout the first few years of the business I was my dad's assistant, helping him with studio lights and occasional posing, and learning about all of the equipment, software, supplies, paperwork, knowledge, skill, and money needed to run a photography business. We photographed pretty much everything, including senior pictures, weddings, engagements, children, newborns, families, events, and even portraits for dental offices. Over time I had learned enough from him and my classes – and he had started to become overwhelmed with running a business on top of maintaining a full-time career – that I started taking the lead with sessions, edits, client scheduling, print orders, etc. By the time I graduated college in 2012 I had taken over all responsibilities and officially started running the business myself full-time. I had my little sisters, and occasionally my mom, assist me with newborn sessions for about a year.

At the start of 2014, a few months after I got married, my dad decided to pass the business to me, and I became the sole owner of Alphonse Photography. He has moved on to another photography passion – researching and collecting Daguerreotypes (the first officially declared photography process) – which is much more flexible for his schedule (and which I think he's actually more passionate about if that's possible!).

For a time I figured it would be best to leave my business name as Alphonse Photography since it had already been established and recognized by my clients, and since I was still operating out of the studio in my parents' home. I have discovered in the past year and especially in the past few months that the name has become more of a confusion to clients who have a hard time pronouncing it, who don't understand why Rachel Walters is running a business named Alphonse Photography, and for people who still think my dad is running the business! It's clear to me now that the name has become a hinderance to the personalized brand I want to create, and since I'm in the process of paying for the business anyway, I have decided to take the leap and change the name of my business to Rachel Walters Photography!

I'm so thankful to my dad for taking the risk and starting this business for us 7 years ago, and I'm so proud of everything I've accomplished even just in this past year: I've grown and honed my skill exponentially in every aspect, and am so excited to now specialize in working with my favorite clients: newborns! I am dedicated to creating an even more personalized and specialized photography experience for each and every one of my clients in this next year and for many years to come!

I look forward to working with you soon!