Cabrē | Class of 2016

I'm so excited for you all to see Cabrē's senior session highlights! She totally rocked it out, even though she apparently hates getting her photo taken. Who knew? She is absolutely GORGEOUS and super sweet, and I had such a great time working with her.

We headed over to my semi-secret spot after some studio shots to take advantage of the picturesque willow trees and pond. This is one of my favorite locations to shoot at and I'm so glad they chose it!

Check out Cabrē's session highlights!

Cabrē has been practicing karate for FOURTEEN years and is on her THIRD level black belt. How awesome is that! She could take every single one of us down and I definitely wouldn't want to mess with her.

When to Schedule Your Senior Pictures

The season for senior pictures is quickly approaching! You're probably starting to think about what you would like for your pictures and when the best time is to schedule your senior session! I receive so many last minute inquiries near the end of each season when I'm already booked for Fall photos, and I don't want to see anyone miss out this year!

My purpose for this blog post is to show you what's available visually during the different months of the senior session season (say that 10 times fast!) so you can make a more informed and timely decision on when to schedule your pictures to fit your style and personality best! Fall isn't the only visually beautiful season option, and remember that it's never too early to book your session as dates are limited! In this blog I'll only be covering the visuals available at my studio location. If you're interested in an off location session, contact me and we can discuss the different options associated with that! We'll start with June...


June has to be one of my most favorite and under booked months for senior sessions. My studio is located out of my parents' home, with my grandparent's farm and hay fields located right next door. The beginning–middle of June is the ONLY time that the hay fields have this absolutely beautiful tall and flowing grass before it gets the first cut of the season. I dream about the few weeks I'm able to photograph in this field every year. Aside from the beautiful hay field, June produces the brightest green foliage which provides the most gorgeous shade and bright, even skin tones.



July still holds the bright and lush greenery from June, with clovers in the recently cut hay field and flowers in the area in bloom. July is usually a HOT month, but absolutely beautiful nonetheless.



August is when wildflowers start popping up, the clovers in the hay field are a darker purple, and the field on the other side of us really starts to fill in. This other field has been a soybean field since I've been doing photography, but I have heard talk of the neighbor switching crops this year so it may be a surprise! August also produces some of the most gorgeous sunsets in my photography history when we have a just partly cloudy evening!


September is when the beginning of the Fall colors start to creep in. Foliage is still mostly green, with pops of yellow and red in the trees, bushes with berries, and browning of the soybean field beginning. The slight thinning of the leaves that starts in September produces the most gorgeous bokeh (out of focus circles in the background) as pictured in the first photo below, as well as beautiful sunsets again. September is an absolutely gorgeous month for senior photos.


October, as you probably already know, is the most popular month for senior sessions. The variety of reds and oranges in the trees are at their peak, and senior pictures do turn out gorgeous during this month. With the change of the season comes quite a bit of rain, however, so sessions are most limited during this month due to the need for more open reschedule days for inclement weather. I've seen plenty of people wait until this month to schedule their photos only to be repeatedly rained out, or find that I'm booked up, so keep that in mind when you're planning your photos! October is still a great, and obviously beautiful month to schedule senior pictures. This is also the last month to schedule at my studio location before winter, because as soon as November rolls around all of the leaves are gone and we become severely limited with visual options. 


Winter snow sessions can be done as a stand alone senior session, or as an add-on return session after your full Summer or Fall session. They are scheduled in January or February, and are usually a play it by ear, last minute type of session depending on when we get substantial snowfall. If you're interested in a snow session, contact me ahead of time so I can be sure to keep available dates open!

I absolutely love our property with all the different visual options from one month to the next. There will be beautiful scenery no matter which month between June and October you schedule your senior session, and you're definitely guaranteed to have unique photos with the different season changes. Now that you can see exactly what's out there each month you'll be able to schedule your senior session for whichever month best suits your style!

Take a look at my full senior sessions gallery HERE, and check out my session pricing HERE! Click HERE to book your session or to find out more information about print/product pricing!

I look forward to working with you!