Natalie | 16 Days

I had the honor of photographing my beautiful new cousin Natalie for her newborn photos! Natalie has 3 older brothers, the oldest of which will be graduating high school next year! She came as a complete surprise to their family and has been such a blessing to them all. They are absolutely loving every minute of having her around!

Since she was 16 days old for her session we had quite the time getting her to sleep; it took us almost 2 hours and multiple feedings before she was finally out. But man o man was she a dream once she was asleep! I only had about an hour of solid sleep to work with, so I moved as quickly as I could to get as many different poses as possible, and I'd say in the end we had a pretty dang successful session! Props to my Aunt Erin for being such a trooper during the difficult beginning! Every baby is so different in temperament, eating needs, and time it takes to fall into deep sleep, and it's such a tremendous help when the parents remain calm and relaxed :) The payoff is gorgeous photos like these!

That grin! <3

All 3 of her brothers are really big into different sports, so they brought along some baseball gear to personalize their session!