Monika | Class of 2015

Monika is THE definition of school spirit and pride. She is at the top of her senior class, involved in nearly every club, group, society, etc. that you can think of, not to mention part of band, on the tennis team, was on Homecoming Court, and she's thinking of running for president one day. "And," her mom says, "she even has a social life on top of it all!". (I'm sure I probably missed some things, too!) I am extremely impressed by all of her accomplishments so far, and I'm so honored she chose me to take her senior pictures!

We ended up with a beautiful evening and the most awesome sun for her pictures, only after rescheduling 3 times because the weather was so yucky here in Michigan last month. She got in just in time to take advantage of the awesome Fall colors! I'm loving this session set, and it definitely helps when you have a gorgeous model! :)

I LOVE the sun on Monika's red hair! And with the red berries, too! Gorgeous!

Those sparkly silver shoes were to die for!