Macomb County Michigan Family Photographer | Noelle 9 Months

I'm ecstatic to finally be able to share Noelle's 9 month/family session from last fall! I know, I know; I'm WAY behind on blogging, but I'm working on catching up!

I've been photographing Noelle and her older brother Ethan since they were first born, including their first year milestone sessions, and they have been the sweetest family to work with. I love being able to turn my baby milestone sessions into family sessions when the weather is so nice! Check 'em out :)

This session is so incredibly special to me, because this is the day that Ethan finally let loose with the biggest laughs and smiles I've ever seen from him. He has always been a pretty shy, and generally not smiley for photos little boy, which is totally ok! While I try my best, I don't push little kids for smiles if they don't feel up to it, and I generally love serious expressions from kids anyway (I want to capture their true selves!). But this day Ethan opened up, and I could have cried from joy to see him so happy and carefree in front of my camera.