Hi! I'm Rachel, and I specialize in maternity and newborn photography. My style is simple and natural, and I do my best to stick with that in all aspects of my work.

As a photographer, I'm after much more than just snapping your photo and handing you a disc of images; I don't want you to waste your money on files which will most likely sit on your hard drive rarely to be seen (let's be honest, who has time to sit down and figure out printing photos?). Studies also show that children who see photos of themselves and their family displayed in their home have a higher self-esteem and sense of belonging within their family. I'm after ensuring that your investment is worthwhile by providing beautiful custom albums, canvas, and birch folio boxes which will stand the test of time and be enjoyed for generations. I'll guide you through the ordering process and I can show you accurately sized wall print examples using photos of your own home, so you can see exactly how your session artwork will look before making your investment. I want to see more homes filled with beautiful artwork that tell stories of the families living there; let's work together on that for your home!

I am passionate about continually furthering my education in all aspects of maternity and newborn photography to ensure the best images and service for every one of my clients. I graduated in 2012 with a degree in Photographic Technologies and Digital Design and Layout, and I take classes yearly to improve on my craft and ensure I'm staying on top of all the latest maternity and newborn photography techniques, safety, and business practices.

More about me:
• I love Jesus. He is the reason I have hope, and the one I strive to do my best for in every aspect of my life
• I married my best friend, Cam in 2013
• Cam and I recently discovered a love for canoeing & camping and went out on our first trip last summer, which was a 3 day, 45 mile paddle down the Au Sable River. We've already planned several other trips, and bought our first vintage canoe over the winter which we've been working on restoring!
• I'm slightly obsessed with ice cream and Fixer Upper (aka everything Joanna Gaines does)
• Cam and I love DIY projects, and we're currently on the hunt for our first fixer-upper home to remodel!
• I love succulents and plants of every kind. My dream is to have a beautiful outdoor garden at our home someday, and a house filled with plants.
• I have 5 siblings and 14 nieces and nephews (and counting!)

If you're interested in getting to know me more, you can follow my personal account on Instagram @rachelmwalters
You can also follow my photography page: @rachelwaltersphotography
If you're really interested in getting to know me, you can also follow our canoe/hiking adventures! @canoeido